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Different business models define different key success factors and business value drivers...




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Who are your customers and what's added value does your company make to them?...




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How to make profit while retaining your company value?

The unique seminar "Shareholder value management: How to make profit while retaining your company value?".   The relationship between capital market expectations and the strategic management of growth is the central theme of the seminar....  

How can your company compete with giants?

Who are your customers? Why should they go in your shop? What added value has the your store format? How to reduce costs and not lose a competitive advantage .... The questions are now worried about many independent retailers.

The Russian retail business will enter a phase of slow growth in 5-7 years. This phase is characterized by the proliferation of modern format stores across the country, as well as increased level of consolidation and competition, which in turn will lead to slower growth in prices, and the instability in the global economy may lead to lower consumer demand. Given this, today the local independent retail companies in Russia must conduct a critical analysis of their strategies, and possibly define a new strategic focus on the successful development of the new conditions...

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