Few words about us

Smart solutions for smart business

The history of PBC Management started in 2002. At present, PBC Management is an international team of experts in such spheres as business strategy development, corporate management and business models development, and generating long-term competitive advantages for your business

Our practices and industry expertise are based on management tools and methods which are time-tested by long-standing experience of many companies and are corroborated by business researches.

All our services and solutions: are based on real facts, they take into account strategic perspective and are brought into effect in our clients' companies.

Our consultants have carried out projects and rendered services for SME and LE companies from USA, China, Russia, Australia, Mexico, Spain

Our values

Perfection, Leadership, Efficiency, Adherence to principles, Based on methodology, Beauty.

Why are we chosen by our clients?

1 We have unique real experience and methods in Strategic Retail Marketing, Operational Efficiency Improvement, и Shareholder's Value Management. Our experts have more than 10 years experience in business consulting and large and medium business management. 

2 We are capable of finding links between strategic initiatives and operational objectives targeted at strategies implementation and can effectively act as independent managers in the Board of Directors of your company.

3 And foremost because we suggest Smart solutions for smart business.


Our Experts

Alexander Shubin, Managing Director, Ph.D, Strategic Marketing practice principal in spheres of FMCG and retail, EMBA Strategic Market Development degree of the Stockholm School of Economics, has more than 10 years of experience in business consulting, more than 15 projects are implemented under his supervision.

Roland Burgman, associated partner, founder and CEO of AssetEconomics, Inc., an international company which specializes in strategic consulting and value management, the company is head-quartered in New York, USA.

Oleg Ipatiouk partner, has more than 15 years of proven experience in business initiation and launching from scratch in such spheres as manufacturing, retail and service rendering, his competence include direct investment and innovation projects development,EMBA in Skolkovo Business School.

Victoria Plotnikova, business development director, partner specializes in the key account relationship management, project team development and corporate training of our customers

Evgeney Ogorodnikov, parter, has more than 10 years of solid expertise in organizational designing, operational efficiency, corporate development and implementation of IT solutions in spheres of telecommunication, distribution and retail.

Michael Tesler,associated partner, Retail Concepts (USA) founder, has more than 20 years of experience, specializes in innovation format of independent retail companies development, more than 40 projects for retail companies are carried out under his supervision.

Value adding foundation

Emphasis on your business value. With due consideration of the best knowledge and technologies we find for owners and top managers solutions targeted at company value growth, revenue increase and long-term competitive advantage making.

Added value creation in your business management. Together with you and by means of smart solutions based on your company experience and time-tested management knowledge we create added value for your business. What you get is not only practical effect, but also a management team which is capable of repeating the performance with none of our experts involved.

Best practices engagement. To ensure your success we strive to find the best solution. For this purpose we rely on world experience in management and businesses technologies. Our partners and consultants were educated in the world's and European leading Business Schools and have long-standing international experience.