Value creation and capital increase model development

OJSC "Moscow United Electric Company" is a specialized network organization, the principal activity of which is paid services for the transmission of electrical energy in the city of Moscow and Moscow region through complex organizational and technology-related activities, providing the transmission of electric energy through its own technical equipment of electrical networks. In the high-energy facilities of the Company 607 feeding centers 35/110/220 kV with total capacity of 43,713 MVA, 15,590 km of transmission lines 35-220 kV, 1408 km of high voltage cable lines, 121 145 thousand miles of electric distribution networks, more than 30,800 distribution points and transformer substations. The main shareholders of JSC "MOESK" are OAO "IDC Holding" (51%), Group of companies "Gazprom" (31%) and Group of the Government of Moscow (8%), the number of shares outstanding is more than 8%. Number of employees is 15,755 people

Key issues:   High financial effectiveness performance might not lead to corresponding growth of company value on the capital market. A task of identifying company value potential and capitalization increase initiatives development arouse.

Key tasks of the project. During the project the following tasks have been solved:

  • • The analysis of the financial performance of the company and designed the current and future value.
     Significant potential to increase the value of the company.
    • A business model and the tree of the factors shaping the economic profit of the company.
    • Identify key initiatives to increase corporate value and adjusted BSC strategy map.

 "... This has allowed our strategic session of the working group to look at the capital markets globally, and to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the key factors of the formation of the market value of energy companies, and to analyze the potential capitalization of our company.Now we can combine individual "puzzle "of business models and processes of strategic management of our company into a single system that is focused on increasing the capitalization of OJSC "MOESK" Andrew Snitsky, Director of Information Technology, innovation and operational efficiency OJSC "MOESK", said.