The marketing strategy of the independent retailer

Group of companies "Lama" is a leading retailer in the city of Tomsk, Russia, with 15 years of successful business history. LAMA Group of Companies is developing a retail chain in three formats: hypermarkets, "Food City", it has the total area of ​​10,500 m2; supermarkets 'Apricot', it has the total area of ​​10,000 m2; supermarkets "LAMA", it has the total area of ​​4500 m2.
Format of "Apricot." "Apricot" is a retail store format, one of the formats of the companies that developed from 2005, the format refers to «convenient store». To date, 22 store of the format have been opened, the format "Apricot" assortment matrix consists of approximately 4,000 SKU. It occupies about 20% of the retail market of Tomsk.
Tasks. To ensure sustainable growth in a slowing retail market and increasing competition needed to develop a new  focused marketing strategy for the format "Apricot", including the identification of target segments and the correct positioning of the format. 

Features of the project. The project was completed on the basis of special methods of development of marketing strategies for retailers, Business OnTrack for Retail. The application of this approach allowed us not only to obtain practical results in the short term, but also the knowledge and skills in the team GC "LAMA" for further independent use.

One of the key objectives of the project was to segment the retail customers and positioning the format. Segmentation was performed by analyzing customer behavior, enabling a deeper understanding of target customers and allow to clearly identify the market potential and key benefits, which should offer a format of "Apricot." When positioning the format model was used positioning retailers "The EST" together with "Cube positioning." A unique value for the development and find competitive niches used analysis of "strategic canvas" technique of "Blue Ocean Strategy" approach.   

Key objectives of the project. The project had been resolved following tasks:
• Assess the market potential of the format "Apricot."
 Segmentation based on customer behavior, the choice of target segments.
• Position format "Apricot" and the proposed definition of a core value.
• Identify strategies to attract and retain customers.
• Development of strategy categories and pricing.
• Establishing a brand identity "Apricot."
 Develop key marketing campaigns and development of the concept plan format.

"The project will focus our marketing resources to target segments identified in the course of the project and strategy of pricing categories and due to what is planned to increase economic performance of the format," Natalia Piunova, Director of Marketing of the retail chain.