JSC “Moscow United Electric Grid Company” is a specialized grid entity, the main activity of which is rendering of electricity transmission services in the city of Moscow and the Moscow Area for consideration through implementation of a complex of the organizationally and technologically associated actions, which ensure transmission of electricity through the engineering devices of the own electric grids.

JSC “MOESK” accepts electric power in its grid from generating companies – the entities of the wholesale and retail markets, from the grid of the Uniform National (All-Russian) Electric Grid (UNEG) and from the grids located in the adjacent constituent entities of the Russian Federation, and uses its own grids to transmit electric power to the end users connected to the grids of JSC “MOESK”, adjacent grids (municipal unitary enterprises (MUE), wholesale consumers –resellers (WCR), territorial grid entities (TGE)). The Moscow Region is one of the most dynamically developing regions in Russia. Housing construction is conducted actively, industrial production is growing, and infrastructure is being developed. The Company implements the program of capital construction of new energy facilities and modernization, reconstruction and repairing of the operating ones in order to maintain the effective and reliable supply of electricity to consumers

The attendance territory equals 47 thousand sq. km with the population of around 17 million people.