The Government of Krasnoyarsk region


The Krasnoyarsk Krai is:

one of the largest regions in Russia: its total area is 2 366,8 thousand sq. kilometers ; population is 2 893,4 thousand (13th place among the Russia’s regions). The region stretches for almost 3 000 kilometers from the Arctic Ocean to the mountainous regions of the Southern Siberia;

a region exceptionally rich in raw materials with unique fuel, mineral and hydro-energy resources;

a region famous for the large reserves of timber. Forests consist of larch, pine-tree, cedar, fir, silver fir, and birch. The total area of timber foundation is 155 781,2 thousand hectares (i.e. 45,1 % of Siberian Federal District wood tract supplies);

the largest Russian exporter of non-ferrous metals of high demand and degree of liquidity in international markets (30,1 % of export in trade turnover of Russia); non-precious metals and metal-ceramics; valuable sorts of wood and products of them; products of inorganic chemistry; nuclear and energetic equipment; mineral raw materials; oil and gas products; synthetic materials, etc.;

an important industrial region of Russia (the volume of the shipped goods according to the types of economic activities in 2007 made 618,2 billion rubles and increased by 23 %.

It ranks seventh among Russian regions in volume of shipped goods of own production per head); the region is the scientific center of Siberia. Advanced branch, scientific institutes and the Siberian Federal University are located on its territory.The Krasnoyarsk Krai ranks second in the size of its territory among the subjects of Russian Federation. Its territory comprises 18 urban districts, 44 administrative territories, 35 urban-type settlements, 484 rural administrations, 3 Closed Administrative Territorial Units -rural settlement Solnechny, town of Zheleznogorsk and town of Zelenogorsk. The Krasnoyarsk Krai has a complex territorial structure. Its territories differ from each other in a quantity of natural resources and a level of industrial development