"Seven + I" is a retail chain of the store format  "convenient drugstore" , brought together into a team of promising professionals and experienced sales staff. Today the chain has a strong position in the Samara market and continues to explore new territory. It includes more than 60 stores located in Samara, Samara and Orenburg regions, the Republic of Tatarstan. Strong market positions are the result of six years of work on scaling up and improving the quality of services.
The product range includes more than 8,000 products. These include: household chemicals, cosmetics, perfumes, household goods, goods for children and home, pet, office supplies, etc.
Extensive experience and strong business relationships and reputation as a reliablebusiness partner networks allow you to store the "Seven + I" to purchase the goods subject to special conditions. This ensures that its customers have the opportunity to buy quality goods at really good price.