Check your retail chain strategy

Does your retail chain offer the lowest prices and focus on serving your customers well? Does it offer a wide range of products? Does this give you competitive advantage? Our experts will investigate your marketing positioning by means of «The EST» a retail company positioning model. Absolutely free before March, 31!  All you need is to complete our questionnaire!


When working out development strategies for companies conducting business in retail trade we use ‘The Est’ (McMillLab|Doolittle). The name of ‘The Est’ model comes from the word ‘best’, that shows the necessity to be the best in a concrete segment of retail business. According to this model a retail company instead of trying to be the best for everyone in everything should strive to be the best one for some defined customer groups in a concrete retail segment. For this purpose it is usually necessary to give up serving “someone else's” customers or to abandon short-term profit for the sake of long-term success, sometimes even exclusion of the goods which yield profit now is needed.
«Black hole». Retail companies which seek to be the best for everyone sooner or later get to a «black hole», where economic performance of their businesses is much lower than the sector average. In other words a «black hole» is the place for those retail companies which have forgotten who their customers were to get in order to pass away.