How to make profit while retaining your company value?

Managing for value for any company is a continuous challenge. It is especially so in times of economic downturn and market uncertainty

It is in Top-20 in WSJ Business Week, Financial Times. The seminar will help you to find right balance between capital market expectations and strategic management of company growth on the basis of future economic value model.

Seminar objective – studying, learning and strengthening skills of modern corporate management methods and tools application, aiming to achieve increase of public quoted companies shareholder value.

Seminar Speaker – Roland Burgman Associated partner and CEO of Asset Economics Inc., a New York-based strategic management advisory firm, which mainly specializes in enterprise value management. Roland is also an adjunct professor at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business and a faculty member of the Stockholm School of Business, Russia, Executive MBA programs. He consults North American, European and East Asian corporations. His projects are focused on identifying the correlations between external efficiency indicators of investment (such as TRS, economic profit, current value) and future value in terms of typical growth strategies, duplication, operational and financial strategies. Focus on practical realization of key enterprise value creation drivers changing is the cornerstone of Roland’s methodology. Techniques and tools developed by Asset Economics Inc. are patented.

Seminar Program

The seminar consists of 4 basic parts and practical exercises for every part:

  • • International Capital Market Investor perception, current investment context, weighted average cost of capital (WACC), global perspective of reserves development.
  • • Growth strategy: Economic profit and future value. Share perspective as an investment asset, Economic profit (EP), enterprise value (EV), current value (CV) and future value (FV), expected improvements (EI), total shareholder return (TSR).
  • • Economic profit as management toolCorporate planning, capital budgeting, making strategic investment, asset acquisition, share repurchase.
  • • Performance management Constructing a Value Driver Tree, identifying key value drivers, creating value indicator monitoring system.