Intangible capital of the 150 largest companies worldwide has reached more than 7.5 trillion US dollars, which is almost ten times more than intangible value in 1985. In Information economic Age, knowledge is one of the main factors influencing a business value making.

Accumulation, distribution, effective use and renewal of knowledge are some of the essential management goals of any company, including small and middle-sized business companies. Кnowledge management is strategic one and the most essential factor of becoming a winner in competition and succeeding in business. Today, in open business world, opportunities are limited not by economical realities but perceptions about them.

Papers and researches

We help our customers to extend boundaries of ideas about opportunities through researches and publications, including the latest knowledge and information on management, as well as giving corporate and short-term education programs and trainings.

The basis of our knowledge are our own researches as publications, as well as publications and analytical reports of the leading management research institutes and companies: McKinsey Quartely, Harvard Business Review, The Ecomomist, TrendWatcher and others.

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