Management focused on the market


The steady growth…

Ensuring sustainable growth is one of the main tasks, which is now gripped by many companies. Almost all markets time of "easy" money caused by the rapid growth in demand and opportunities to reduce operating costs, ends. Companies are faced with constraints on the growth of revenue caused by the segmentation of customers, increased competition, the interpenetration of industries. In such markets, marketing and sales processes are of particular importance.

The integration…

In these conditions ensuring organic growth is  possible thanks to the integration of marketing and sales processes in the nature of business. This integration is usually carried out in the following areas:


Buyers penetration in the market… СToday, marketing departments should carry out not only the formal socio-demographic study of how to respond to strategic issues: what is the value for its customers, who are our present and future customers is important to them, where and how it suits them to get service, and so on

The integration of business strategy with brand strategy... Strong brand is certainly a major success. But today is becoming more and more difficult to differentiate a product or service through the brand, based only on the functional characteristics. Contemporary brands are focused on the processes and relationships with customers. Therefore, the strategy and business performance should be focused on that. The staff at the front line should correctly understand and properly provide the essence of the brand

Process Integration  launching the product to market 
with the chain of distribution
.. Today delivery of any product consists of several links of the distribution networkand can be carried out on different channels. The retail market takes shape in the form of organized networks of various sizes, which provide a direct contact with the consumer, and who can get real-time data and opposite reaction. Therefore, marketers need to be more deeply involved in the processes to market, including the development of the sales force, pricing strategies, and reports of the essence of the brand to the sales staff..


Design of end-to-end processes of of the value chain…

"The essence of business - marketing and innovation ..." Peter Drucker thought so. Marketing and sales processes are key factors for success in any business. It is not possible to show where it begins and where it ends in the marketing business. The task manager to make its marketing and market activity in daily operations are integrated into key processes deliver value to the customer. Customer Relationship Management is organizing principle of all major business processes.