Journey to the consumer: a new model of decision-making on purchase


Today's consumers are "out" of the usual "funnel" purchases. Fundamentally changes the approach to how consumers choose and buy goods. And marketing your company should pay attention to it, and modify their approaches.
The present article is based on research consulting firm McKinsey, conducted in 2008-2009 in the United States and Germany in five different markets. Analyzing the results of the study, McKinsey proposes a new model that describes the process of choosing and buying. The new model cycle making purchasing decisions, and the ideas that underpin it are also applicable to emerging markets.


The main goal

If you select one, the basic purpose of marketing, it is to reach consumers at the moments of greatest influence on their decisions. That's why consumer electronics companies do not only care about what consumers would see their televisions in stores, but also that these TVs have demonstrated a vivid picture of high resolution. That's why ten years ago began offering product recommendations to consumers who have already stopped by and registered on the site and are ready to make a purchase. This explains the decision taken long ago P & G company to start producing radio and television programs, in order to reach the target audience, which probably will make the purchase of its products. The term "soap opera" appeared just then.
Tactical marketing is always looking for those moments, or so-called "points of contact" when consumers are open to influence. Over the years, the contact points were considered in the framework of the "funnel" ....