Analytical study of problems of business process management


Parameters of the study:
• The study period: May - October 2011
• Number of Respondents: 445
• The authors of the study: Software AG, analyst firm IDC Russia, the official portal of the CIO Global CIO
• Data collection method: telephone interviews with a focus on large companies with the number of employees 1,000 people. and more (IDC Russia), an online survey of registered members of the community (Global CIO), survey participants of the process Forum 2011 (Software AG)
• Respondents: the person most knowledgeable about the purchase and use of the BPM (Director of IT managers, business processes)



At what stage is the description of the business processes in the company?

The vast majority of companies (77%) are engaged in a description of their business processes and are at different stages of this journey. Another 12% of companies plan to start description in the near future. BPM market in Russia (at least in its "primitive" parts - the description of business processes) is at the stage of active growth.

  • Describes the key processes - 43%
    Describes the individual processes - 30%
    Will be described shortly - 12%
    Description at all has taken place, there is no description of the plans - 11%
    All processes are described - 4%

For what purposes described processes?

The main tasks in the description of business processes are automated processes, their regulation and standardization, and optimization. Companies are trying to follow the advice of James Champy "do not pave the cow paths with asphalt" (do not automate the "curves" of business processes).

Which business processes in the company primarily are important for the analysis and optimization?


The undisputed leader - planning and budgeting processes. Sales, purchases and provide quality chain, so their optimization is also important. The strategic planning process has become particularly important after the 2008 crisis. But the process of developing new products, despite all the calls for innovation and modernization of the company for some reason do not want to be considered an important .....