How to earn income without destroying shareholder value?

Included in the Top 20 in the WSJ Business Week, Financial Times. The workshop will help you find the right balance between the expectations of capital market growth and strategic direction of the company based on the model of future economic value.

The purpose of the workshop to research, mastering and fastening skills to use modern methods and tools of corporate governance, aimed at achieving increased shareholder value of publicly listed companies.

Facilitator of the workshop is Roland Burgman , an associate partner and CEO of the consulting company AssetEconomics, Inc., New York, the main activity of which is value management. Roland is also an assistant professor in the Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame faculty and Stockholm School of Business, Russia, the MBA program. His clients include corporations in North America, Europe and Asia. His projects focus on identifying the relationship between external indicators of the effectiveness of investments, such as TRS, economic profit, the current value and future value in terms of strategies of growth, scalability, operational and financial strategies. Focus on the practical implementation of changes in key factors of corporate value creation is a cornerstone methodology of Roland. Methods and tools developed by AssetEconomics have been patented

The seminar program

The seminar is built of four basic blocks, and practical exercises for each of them:

• The global capital market. Understanding the investors, the current context of investments, the weighted average cost of capital (WACC), the global stock market outlook.

  • • Growth strategy: economic profits and future prospects of the value of the shares as an asset investment, economic profit (EP), enterprise value (EV), the current value (CV) and the future value (FV), the expected improvement (EI), the total shareholder return (TSR ).
  • • Using economic profit as a management tool, corporate planning, budgeting, investments, strategic investments, acquisitions, stock buybacks..
  • • Managing for efficiency. Construction of the tree value drivers, identification of key value drivers, a system of monitoring indicators of shareholder value.