Topography of the economic downturn and recovery in various sectors of the economy

Various sectors of the economy enter and get out of the recession at different times of crisis. A look at the experience of past recessions can discover some of the ways companies plan their strategy in a recession and a recovery period..

In a perfect world, every company in the recession, was to be managed haired leader who could based on its experience of managing in previous recessions to the company through the current crisis. However, many companies do not have such leaders, their short stories, and sometimes it is difficult to rise above the crisis, to ponder the lessons of history. However, in the face of the recession on the development of accurate strategic plan to make big bets. Erroneous assumptions about the pace, scope, growth could slow the development of a good time, but today it can be a fatal mistake and lead to a crash.

For example, managers of companies in industries that are characterized by delayed development dynamics can be assumed that, in general, their companies can avoid recession, because their industry is not experiencing the recession, at a time when the whole economy reduces the rate of growth. Others, feeling too great confidence in the fact that their industry will recover faster than the whole economy can develop too conservative plans for the period of recovery and growth. Decisions to buy or sell a business, and even the hiring or retention of talented employees are often in a state of limbo criticality.