RETAIL CONCEPTS Best practices of independent retail companies in the U.S.

26-27 January 2012 in Moscow will host a unique seminar for independent retailers Best practices of independent, Retail-companies in the U.S., with the participation of partners from Boston, USA.


The main topics of the seminar will be:

  • Location key problem of Retail Trends in U.S. is small outflow of retail malls to detached shopping malls, lifestyle centers and downtown areas.
    Innovative formats for independent retailers: pop-up (temporary) shops, mobile shops, and shopping in stores.
    The importance of the daily impact of the Internet and social networking to the entire U.S. retail.
    Marketing and branding of shop, bringing new customers and creating traffic why we rarely use the word "advertisement".
    Success stories of three American retailer (Wegman's, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's) that have successfully implemented the strategy of "thinking small".
    Behavior and customer service: the best practices of independent companies in the U.S. to increase loyalty and retain customers. Here...