Second Congress of Trade Samara 2011


Managing Director of the company "PBC Management", Alexander Shubin under the "Interregional Congress leaders of trade, public catering and consumer services" Single retail space in today's competition "held a consultation workshop" Development Strategy for independent retailers: How to compete with the "giants."
Key topics include:
  • • The trends and key factors in the consumer and retail market.
    • How to conduct retail market segmentation of customers based on consumer behavior and the benefits of the market to evaluate and select the target segments.
    • Competitive strategy and portfolio of store formats assessment: the advantages of local networks.
    • How to properly position the retail store format and develop a plan for its development: innovative formats
    "Today, major retailers have created a myth about the lack of opportunities for the development of small and medium-sized independent retailers because of the strong trend of consolidation of retail market. They say that small and medium networks to prepare for the sale. Through research strategy for the development of independent retail networks in Russia, we argue the opposite - small and medium-sized regional networks have great potential for development, the successful competition with the "giants" and increase its value. "
    The seminar was attended by over 30 representatives of the seminar was of great interest not only among the heads of retail companies in Samara, but also among producers of consumer goods.