TRFRetail Webinar

December 8th, 2011 at 16:00 Moscow time will be held Webinar - presentation and demonstration TRFRETAIL - an innovative tool for the retail trade, which is used by Carrefour, The Body Shop, Migros, 36.6, Victoria (Family piggy bank), etc.


allows us to solve following tasks:

  • • Measure the effectiveness of products for a variety of criteria
    • Measure the effectiveness of shops
    • Quickly remove from the matrix and replace inefficient products
    • Identify gaps in existing commercial offer, in particular to cover all price points, interesting target customers.
    • Do not put up with ineffective products under its own brand (private label), immediately remove them from the outlet.
    • Always check and adjust the price positioning and price image.
    • Optimize the gross income by a competent pricing policy

TRFRETAIL -- Is an expert system management and optimization of retail assortment strategy, based on a unique methodology and specific indexes: Index of assortment, inventory index, income index, the index calculations.

TRFRETAIL, working on technology SaaS, look no further than the existing ERP and IT management of key processes of retail companies.

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