Business onTrack. A special offer

Why do some companies become leaders in good times and manage to show growth in bad times, while other companies fail? Obviously, success and failure stories are unique. But most of them are united by the ability of a company to focus on solving critical business problems.

Normally, business has everything to tackle these tasks: consciousness and aspiration of company’s owners and top-managers, experience, products and services, customers, resources and qualified stuff... But why are some companies much more efficient than others?

Custom-tailored approach

Every company and business, as every life form, has a unique quality combination: managerial abilities, key competences, resources, which eventually create its competitive advantages. In our work we strive to find for your company an individual solution, increasing its competitive advantage, on the basis of unique corporate DNA and proven managerial, marketing methods and tools.

In finding answers to key questions

Our job is searching and realization of innovative managerial solutions, aimed to increase your business value, to improve operational efficiency and profit on the basis of creating long-term competitive advantages.

We render consulting services, which allow to get answers to strategic development and business operational efficiency key questions:

  •  What global and local trends determine current and future business landscape?
  •  Which key success factors influence your business value the most?
  •  Which development strategy is the best for your company: diversification or penetration?
  •  Who are your competitors and which competitive strategy should you choose?
  •  How to correctly focus your business on the market, create innovative product, build distribution channels and increase sales?
  •  What value creation business processes are critical for your business, and how to increase their effectiveness without losing the competitive advantages?
  •  How to introduce innovations and implement organizational changes with the minimum costs and employee resistance?
  •  How to reduce subjectivity in management, increase business transparency and capitalization?