Business process performance and agility improvement


Today, most managers consider key business process operational efficiency improvement to be the task № 1. Flexibility, speed, proper customer value and low costs are the key factors of successful business processes of modern enterprises..

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Business process management and operational efficiency projects are implemented by our experts by means of three methods:

Process manageability improvement. Business process maturity level enhancement and business process orientation towards strategy implementation.
Proper process value creation. Creation of value and benefits expected by business process customers and identification of critical operations aimed at the value creation.
Process transformation. Process revision is made on the basis of value stream analysis and harmonious manufacturing principles, elimination of the operations which do not create value, creation of the business process types which increase flexibility and speed and lower losses and costs.


We have a solid expertise in such industries as consumer goods manufacturing, retail trade, distribution and wholesale trade, construction, publishing business, transport and energy sector, with which we work on the following key business processes:

  • • Logistics and supply chains,
  • • Retail selling and store management,
  • • Budgeting and controlling,
  • • B2B sales,
  • • Customer relationship and loyalty management ,
  • • Project management  

Management highlights

What makes us look at key business processes?


Operational efficieny. Michael Hammer, the author of "Reengineering the Corporation: A Manifesto for Business Revolution" and the founder of business process management concept, talks about the main problem of many organizations.

Tools and solutions 
To assist you in business process management we offer complex ARIS Platform, a leading software tool which enables you to automate all the main business process management stages...