Corporate management and independent directors


Creating corporate management and increasing Board of Directors work performance allows to solve key problems many middle-sized companies encounter today: 

  • • Different owners’ interests and nontransparent ownership structure.
  • • Размытая   ответственность -  в случае удачи можно быстро найти «героя», в случае провала,  виновного нет, так как никто не заинтересован в его поиске.
  • • No coherent development strategy between owners and top-managers.
  • • No financial transparency due to lack of unified management accounting technique and financial statements.
  • • Owners having small parcel of shares who are not involved in business, want to participate in company management in order to defend their investments. 
  • • High investment risk of not receiving dividends, associated with complexity of financial resources flow control because of incomprehensible transfer pricing. 
  • • Professionalism of chartered managers, who are one level lower, often exceeds owners’ competencies in operational questions.
  • • Fear of losing business – “why, when investors give the money, they stick their nose into my business, third-party investors are potential raiders”.
  • • Conviction that a company will develop in the wrong direction and at a lower intensity, when delegated to chartered manager.


A key element of that structure is Board of Directors, whose performance efficiency influence development sustainability and performance efficiency of the whole company and, to a large extent, company value. Taking into account strategic significance of Board of Directors in middle-sized companies development, we have worked out special complex service, aimed to increase Board of Directors performance.  

If you’re just forming a Board of Directors, our experience in that direction may be useful for you and we’re ready to share it with you.

The aim of increasing of Board of Directors work effectiveness is creating informed, involved and managing board, which participates fully in strategic management, provides company owners with efficient chartered management control tools and encourage observance of rights and legitimate interests of company owners.

For creating and increasing effectiveness of corporate government system and Board of Directors performance our experts, having business education of the leading west business schools and work experience in Board of Directors of major and middle-sized companies, can render your company the following services:

  • • Corporate government audit of middle-sized company
  • • Improvement of Board of Directors performance when making strategic and investment decisions
  • • Increasing Board of Directors meetings efficiency
  • • Effective execution of Board of Directors’ decisions control system development
• Development of compensation system for members of Board of Directors