Increasing profitability through customer relationship management

How do customer satisfaction and loyalty influence business profitability? For many types of business, you can hardly imagine how strong this influence is. Thus, for one company operating in plastic card business a 5% improvement in current customer retention has resulted in a multiple profitability increase...
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We have developed spot consulting services focused on increase in effectiveness of marketing business processes, sales and customer service for companies operating in the B2C&B2B sector

Development of target customer attracting and retaining strategies
Identifying effective sales channels adding value for a customer
Setting sales and service business processes on the basis of CRM approach
Increasing complex products sales cycle effectiveness for B2C and B2C channel

Management highlights

Creating value for a customer = creating value for a business
Read our resource pack for managers focused on key aspects of customer relationship management and business profitability improvement 
CRM foundation
New model of consumer behavior
11 global consumer trends


Turn customers into promoters. Fred Reichheld talks about how to assess customers loyalty and turn them into your company’s promoters.

Tools and solutions 
We offer a set of information technologies for the implementation of customer relationship management concept and increasing business profitability...