Retail development and marketing strategies


For independent retail chains we offer unique marketing positioning and new format designing aiming at sustainable development and successful competition with the “giants”. 

To assist managers of middle-sized retail companies in implementation of their strategic tasks, our consultants have undertaken a unique research “Standard development strategies of independent retail chains in Russia”. The results show that a lot of regional mid-sized retail chains do not have a well-defined development strategy. In the course of the last five years the majority of them were entirely engaged into store openings and current activities conduction. Some retail companies try to adopt strategies of large retail chains and to operate in the latter's field by means of shopping mall and discount store openings and thus becoming average customer-focused. Today they can still benefit from this strategy, but later in the context of ever-growing competition and growth rate reduction such an approach can cause resource scattering, market share loss and business value reduction.

To achieve a sustainable growth under conditions of retail market slowdown and competition increase we offer a unique service of creating new marketing strategy of retail format development of middle- and small-sized companies which consists in:

  • • Retail shop format audit and critical problems identification
  • • Retail format marketing potential assessment
  • • Buying pattern-based positioning and market segments targeting
  • • Your company retail format positioning and value proposition creating
  • • Developing customer attraction and retaining strategies
  • • Development of category strategy, assortment matrix and pricing
  • • Your retail brand identity creation
  • • Development of key marketing campaigns that target at your strategy implementation
  • • Working out retail format development concept plan