Marketing strategies for consumer product manufacturers


Marketing strategy is an art of product segmentation and positioning in terms of benefits, values and emotions, attracting and retaining customers. We offer 10 steps increasing investment efficiency in your company’s marketing..
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We have significant experience and expertise in solving the key issues of development and implementation of marketing strategy for food, furniture, lighting and other types of consumer products manufactures

Balanced product portfolio analysis and development
Segmenting consumers based on their needs and benefits
Product and trademarks positioning, products improvement plan development
Finding new niches and new products development
Attracting and retaining target consumers
Creating brands and developing integrated marketing communication strategy

What we do is not only strategy development, but also its implementation support through critical project management and marketing outsourcing

Management highlights

Focusing on the market – marketing that yields profit
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Consumer’s trip: new model of making a purchase
Focusing on the market
11 global consumer trends

Solutions and tools 
For strategy development and implementation we offer a set of information tools enabling you to identify your competitive advantages and develop balanced brand and trademark portfolio…