Marketing strategies for consumer product manufactures

Case studies referred to this practice:

Developing a marketing strategy for the food producer

Key issues: the decline of 3-5% stake in the strategically important markets, due to tough competition, the existing market opportunities are not used for growth and increased sales, the absence of a clear positioning and dispersion of marketing budget. The project identified marketing strategies to focus the marketing costs and turn them into investments, found more than five niches and new market opportunities, which, togetherwith other solutions will increase annual revenue business for more than 15%, in addition to normal market dynamics.


Development of marketing strategies and sales channels

Due to changes in market conditions in 2008 (falling sales for the industry amounted to more than 40%) and a new strategy for the development of the brand UMBRO was necessary to review the strategy for sales and distribution, and search for promisingniches and sales channels. Key results of the project identified two target markets andthe most promising segments, allowing to keep the leading position and increase sales volumes, determined the structure of a new more effective sales and distribution channels, significantly reducing the share of its own retail network.