Marketing strategies for consumer product manufacturers


Marketing strategy is an art of product segmentation and positioning in terms of benefits, values and emotions, attracting and retaining customers. We offer 10 steps increasing investment efficiency in your company’s marketing.

Almost in all markets the time of “easy money” caused by rapid growth in demand and opportunities of operational cost reduction has passed. Companies encounter revenue growth restrictions resulting from economic decline, customer segmentation, increased competition, interpenetration of sectors. 

Some companies become leaders while other companies fail. What is it that distinguishes leaders from outsiders? Innovations, different approaches to marketing: how companies view their market, how they treat their customers, how they create and position their product, to what extent marketing and advertising expenditure comply with the chosen strategy, etc.

10 steps we have worked out on the basis of experience of the leading consumer sector companies and business schools will enable you to make an approach to management, focused on the market, which will increase effectiveness and reinforce your competitive positions in short-term and long-term perspective:

  • 1 Establish correct marketing coordinate and index system
  • 2 Take a wide view of the market your company operates in
  • 3 Identify sustainable competitive advantages
  • 4 Segment a market in accordance with needs and benefits
  • 5 Create coherent product portfolio
  • 6 Position a product in relation to benefits and create added value
  • 7 Develop new brand and its positioning
  • 8 Choose optimal sales channel structure
  • 9 Develop integrated marketing communication strategy
  • 10 Draw up an effective plan and budget of marketing strategy implementation