Strategies in downturn period

What a company strategy should be like in recession and crisis period? How one can minimize efficiency losses? Where to seek for the potential of rapid recovery and taking advantage of the new opportunities? 

Cost reduction is one of the main standard responses to a slump. And this is the only chance to survive for many companies. But on the other hand, any crisis is a period of uncertainty and abrupt fluctuations. During this period financial and market environment changes almost every day, and that gives some companies a chance to break through in the recovery period which inevitably comes after any recession.

On the basis of world experience we offer middle- and small-sized companies a package of anti-recessionary strategic initiatives which not only enable to retain efficiency during recession but also establish capacities for future growth. The package of strategic initiatives includes:

  • • Crisis-tailored strategy appraisal and defining: Cost reduction, Financial flexibility increase, Investment into strategic advantages, Short-term revenue growth management
  • • Detection of the need to change business model: product (service) – territory - customers
  • • Strategic tasks chart generation and selection of performance indicators of the strategy implemented
  • • Business plan development and source of financing indication

What you get in the result is: 

  • • Strategy for behavior in recession period.
  • • Concrete action plan of strategy implementation along with performance indicators.
  • • Business plan with source of investment and main financial indicators assessment.
• Business model tailored to new opportunities and threats.