Value based management and strategic growth

Company value management is always a challenge for managers. Especially in the period of economic downturn and market uncertainty. How to find the right equation between investors expectations and strategic company growth aiming at its capitalization increase?  

Our approach in establishing value drivers is based on a thorough understanding of the enterprise’s business model and the combination of assets and activities that are the basis for creating and strengthening a sustainable competitive advantage. Our unique methods and analytical tools allow to achieve a perfect mix of your business current and future value. For this purpose we define right growth strategies, merger and acquisition strategies, operational and financial strategies by means of adjusting them to main capital market indicators and characteristics, such as TRS. These methods can be used by both public companies and private and state organizations. Its main goal is value creation for all stakeholders, which is attained through financial management and economic value principles.

For the sake of development and implementation of the management mechanisms directed at your company value increase, we help you to solve the following key problems of shareholder value creation and business capitalization increase:

  • • Financial statement audit and its adjustment to economic value concept.
  • • Shareholder value factor business model development
  • • Balanced scorecard (BSC) development and its adjustment to company's value management tasks 
  • • Reporting systems for investors.
  • • Company management compensation and option systems
  • • Investment process and investment decision making practices enhancement.    


    How the enterprise creates value for its customers (what it does and how it does it) is key to establishing the levers that create future value. This is especially true for enterprises that rely on intangibles such as relationship capital, structural capital or human capital as their platforms for creating competitive advantage