ARIS Controlling Platform - You can not improve what you can not measure

Controlling business processes (Business Process Controlling) involves measuring the effectiveness of processes used in IT systems, as well as the introduction of monitoring systems to comply with the regulations.

ARIS Controlling Platform tools allow you to identify all potential opportunities for improvement by analyzing the actual data from IT systems, for example., Cycle time or the frequency of returns. Thus, the company achieved a significant improvement in quality of execution of business processes.

Key features of the tool:

  • • Auto-analysis and visualization of the actual processes of the IT systems
  • • Comprehensive analysis of communication and organization
  • • The production, process-oriented system audit progress (Audit Workflow)
  • • Enhanced monitoring, analysis and early warning systems
  • • Operational support tests, including the processes that are subject to control orders

Business processes in real time in ARIS Process Performance Manager

ARIS PPM is a proprietary software package, working in client / server environment, which is based on the indicators to visualize, document and evaluate the work of business processes in IT systems. ARIS PPM enables you to create an intuitive control panel on the basis of the running processes, which displays the actual current business objectives and communication links. In this integrated system of early warning (Early Alert) automatically keeps track of all current processes and immediately gives an alarm when deviations from the plan. ARIS PPM thus makes a decisive contribution to ensuring a stable efficient operation of business processes:

  • • Extracting data about the processes of the IT systems
  • • Automatic visualization of the running processes using the Reverse technology
  • • Modelling (inverse modeling)
  • • Analysis of communication and organization
  • • Control panel for the review to top management and efficient reporting mechanism