ARIS Design Platform - Design and optimization of business processes

Using the ARIS Design Platform products provides answers to these questions: who does what and in what order, what progress has been made and what information systems are used? In the process the organizational, structural and technical problems and reveal the potential for improvement can be found. Process models can be published both on a global scale, and depending on the role of a particular user.

Key features:

  • • Design, analysis and optimization of business processes based on Internet technologies
  • • Dynamic publishing of process models
  • • Management of IT-architecture enterprise-wide
  • • Providing information about processes, depending on the roles, oriented to the target groups
  • • Proven and scalable methods for various applications

Web standard for business process management

ARIS Business Architect is Web software for professional business process management (BPM), enterprise-wide. This software provides the user with a broad and flexible for modeling, analyzing and optimizing business processes. Its user interface is easy to use and understand.

ARIS Business Architect provides extensive functionality for administering databases, users, scripts running processes, etc. Along with proven methods, such as event-driven process chain (EPC), ARIS also supports BPMN, BPEL, UML and other architectural concepts, for example., DoDAF, IT City Planning or Zachman.

  • • Constant and global accessibility to collective design processes based on Internet technologies outside the company
  • • Reduce run-time and reduce costs through an intuitive, high-performance process management
  • • Flexible adaptation to the corporate standard tool company
    • • Effective design features to provide information, depending on the target user groups
    • • Querying the database using the wizard prompts to allow easy to carry out any tests, eg., analyzes the impact of: Who does what and where?