ARIS Implementation Platform - from modeling a business process to implement it

Focusing on the process is not the end of the modeling and improvement of production processes. An increasingly important role in the success of the project management business processes are information technology, to help you maintain and improve business processes.

With the tools ARIS Implementation Platform business processes are quickly transferred to the IT environment and executed there. The processes described in ARIS, regardless of the platform can be gradually converted into a form introduced models or diagrams. By combining a business presentation with the representation in ARIS technology reduces the complexity of IT projects. Interdependencies become transparent and manageable.

Key features:

  • • Smooth implementation of business logic in the current IT applications
  • • Combining industrial and economic processes and transactional SAP
  • • Detailed analysis of embedded SAP-systems
  • • Creating architectures, service-oriented and process
  • • Consistent implementation of business-oriented software development process
  • • Modeling and control of business rules

Implementation and optimization of process-oriented SAP solutions

To implement the strategic objectives and performance requirements of all business firms need a fast and efficient way to transfer the business processes and new business concepts in the environment SAP. In addition, through the development of value chain and designing the corresponding business processes is a basic condition for the transition to SOA - service-oriented architecture, SAP.

Product ARIS Business Architect for SAP and methodology ARIS Value Engineering for SAP include samples of the operations, methods, technologies, and the reference model, which makes a business truly adaptive and flexible. This is only a small part of the practical benefits that can give the client a strategic cooperation in the development between SAP and IDS Scheer/Software AG.

ARIS Business Architect for SAP enables enterprises to define performance requirements from the perspective of the business process. These requirements are represented by models of business processes, and can be supplemented with all necessary information and analysis. Through two-way interface with the SAP Solution Manager are models based on the reference information for process-oriented solutions SAP. These models can be effectively implemented in the SAP Solution Manager.

With so generated process models is much easier to take the necessary business decisions. In addition, the modeled processes can be easily "prescribe" in the system SAP. A special interface BPEL for SAP XI (SAP Exchange Infrastructure) provides a comprehensive integration of existing IT systems.