ARIS MashZone is a simple and powerful tool for monitoring key performance indicators KPI


ARIS MashZone  is a simple and powerful tool for monitoring key performance indicators KPI. 

With ARIS MashZone just an hour you can create a management dashboard (sometimes called situational, informational, or hybrid) for a visual graphic representation and evaluation of data from different sources. In this case users do not need programming experience, and they can conduct their own assessment of the situation, which reduces the workload of IT staff. Each user of the information is transformed into the creator of the management panel, and the receipt of the analysis is greatly accelerated. Employees rapidly accumulate knowledge and feel more at ease in the preparation and presentation of key performance indicators (KPI) for decision-making.


With ARIS MashZone users can access data from various sources, such as local Excel files and information from ARIS Process Performance Manager, and Web data (statistical databases, competitive information, etc.). In addition, you can process the data from the systems ERP, CRM and data warehouse. Then, all of which can be combined, coordinated and aggregated into the required amounts of information. These arrays of information related to the graphical visualization and can be represented in the form of graphical components (such as charts, maps, traffic lights) and an interactive display provides intuitive analysis and the ability to filter.

Benefits of using ARIS MashZone::

  • • The ability to easily combine and analyze data without programming experience;
  • • The ability to link internal and external data;
  • • Possibility of collaboration on the development and refinement of administrative panels in the company;
  • • The ability for users of the functional departments of their own analysis, without recourse to IT professionals, which saves time;
  • • Direct access to the ARIS MashZone via the Internet.


Web 2.0 technology, forming the basis for ARIS MashZone, allows to provide management panel (dashboard) by other users and to distribute them (the so-called user-generated content). Thus, information about business processes from business systems, is available to staff not working with these systems. Multivariate combination of data allows to obtain new information and enhance knowledge. As a result, realized an intellectual and creative potential of each employee.


""Sure, ARIS MashZone is currently the world the best program for hybrid applications. Currently, Microsoft, IBM or Oracle is no comparable software solutions." -