ARIS Strategy Platform - Strategy of processes

With the ARIS Strategy Platform, you can create a balanced scorecard targets (Balanced Scorecard) and focus on them the business processes. At the same time you can ensure transparency expenses arising in connection with the implementation of processes across the enterprise. This creates the possibility of internal benchmarking between different departments or branches, and improving performance.

Your advantages with the tool:

  • • Strategic planning of the enterprise on the basis of indicators
  • • Creating a balanced scorecard (Balanced Scorecard) across the enterprise
  • • Transparency of costs in planning and controlling processes
  • • An analysis of "what-if" to make strategic decisions

Strategic planning of the enterprise on the basis of performance indicators ARIS BSC

ARIS BSC includes all the tools for the design stages, implementing, controlling and reconfiguring of strategic management. This software module allows you to define the strategic objectives of the enterprise, as well as establish a cause-effect relationship in all perspectives. In addition to the identification of strategically important processes are described by all the figures and events. With the help of other ARIS products can be carried out further analysis of all elements of the balanced scorecard (Balanced-Scorecard.

  • • Strategic scenarios are created using cause-effect diagrams, which represent the causal relationships between actions and goals
  • • Analytical ARIS scripts allow you to compare planned and actual values ​​of all parameters and analyze the goals in a visual form
  • • Using the graphical analysis of indicators and targets guides to quickly get an overview of the current situation in the company
  • • All balanced scorecard (Balanced Scorecard) can be summarized in a document in Word or html
  • • With interface ARIS BSC - MS Excel can be flexible import and export data files