Quiterian is an advanced tool for marketing data mining


Quiterian is a simple and powerful tool for data analysis (data mining), which allows to "fly"  in analyzing the hundreds of millions of records. The intuitive user interface, built-in customizable and flexible data analysis tools allow you to use Quiterian without the services of IT professionals. The advantage of Quiterian already rated companies such as banks la Caixa, Caixa Tarragona, Deutsche Bank, Vodafone, Orange, Bayer, Endesa, Volkswagen Finance, Renault, and many others.

Quiterian  allows to solve the following tasks:

  • • Conduct customer segmentation and to provide the most profitable segments
  • • To predict and analyze customers churn
  • • Quickly find opportunities for additional sales and co-existing sales (up-selling cross-selling)
  • • Analyze customer base by criteria RFM (novelty, frequency, amount)
  • • Get 360 ° portrait of consumer behavior customer behavior in integrating the Internet and the traditional buying process
  • • Identify the most effective channels of marketing communications.
  • • Identify additional market opportunities through the provision of microsegments
  • QuiterianQuiterian perfectly complements existing ERP and Business Intelligent solutions, bringing powerful tools to analyze data on the level of business users.