TRFRetail - assortment management and optimization

TRFRetail is a major innovation dedicated to Retail Trading to:

  • • Improve business performance by optimizing the assortments of each store;
  • • Turn not productive stocks inot productive stocks;
  • • Convert the non productive linear to productive linear;
  • • Decrease outages;
  • • Reduce Inventory;
  • • Increase Turnover.

TRFRetail maximizes your profitability with a monitoring based on earnings.

TRFRetail periodically measure your results and generates organized alerts thus creating a cycle of continuous improvement.

TRFRetail creates synergy between the operational teams and Head Office players and helps you to capitalize expertise.


TRFRetail includes three statistical engines, one workflow and one periodic management report:

  • • A first engine generates the TRF index that assesses the business performance of each product in each store,
  • • A second engine determines the best action to take to improve the performance of each item in each store,
  • • A third engine calculates the associated financial impacts and pilot by impacts,
  • The workflow assigns the actions to the right person and guarantees the exectution,
  • The management report measures results and validates that the continuous improvement process is efficient.

In SaaS architecture, a subscription covers all costs: software, hardware, maintenance, production and support 7 / 7, 24/24, and this in n a totally protected environment that meets security standards.


TRF Index

The mathematical engines, developed in collaboration with a French research laboratory, calculate specialized indices by business indicators (inventory, margin, sales, linear, forecast, outage, loss).
A global performance index is obtained for each product in each store through the use of a innovative mathematical model and never used in retail.

TRF Index takes into account the business strategy and the fundamental values of the company. TRF Index is a major innovation for the distribution of accuracy.


TRFRetail Workflow  assigns the actions to achieve to the concerned profiles and monitors the execution to meet the company's expectations:

  • Automatic monitoring by the impacts to focus the activities on profitable actions,
  • Monitoring of individual and collective objectives,
  • More effective collaboration, greater synergy between the Central Office and Store Teams in an objectivestructured and constructive dialogue.


TRFRetail Decision automatically suggests operational recommendations such as:

  • • Dereference a product in the store,
  • • Reduce the stock,
  • • Change the safety stock level,
  • • Change the minimum order,
  • • Increase the stock,
  • • Change the price,
  • • Move the product.

Users close to the field give their recommendation which may be different than the one from the system, the in-charge reviews and decides the action to take.


TRF Consulting

An analysis report is automatically generated for each period. It provides the key elements for following up and monitoring the activity.